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Packet Sniffer SDK 4.1

    Packet Sniffer SDK is a development suite for network packet capture in multi-Gigabit network environment.

    Packet Sniffer SDK library set is 100% exactly what you knew you wanted but never expected to get: a fully self-contained, dynamically-loaded packet capture technology that is compatible with Microsoft Visual C++, Microsoft Visual Basic .NET, Intel C++, Borland C++ Builder, Borland Delphi and many others.

    Three foundations of your application performance:

    • Adjustable Packets Pool: The top reason of your application zero packet loss, maps packets from application mode space to the PSSDK internal driver kernel mode space and back.
    • FastBPF (32/64bit BPF JIT compiler): Allows to filter traffic 6 times faster than it may be done with classic BPF virtual machine.
    • Asynchronous queues for packets receiving/sending: Allow to process traffic in real time.

    Use these features of PSSDK and optimize both your application performance and resources required!

    Packet Sniffer SDK version 4.1 is released.

    What’s new:

    • Added checkings for correctness of adapter parameters returned by some VPN drivers. Lack of such checkings might cause User-Mode Exception on NDIS requests to such network adapter.
    • Added correction of MAC address header size for some virtual network adapters working with NDIS standard violations.
    • Error in static libraries for VC7 is fixed. On compilation the linker displayed messages that it can’t find some PSSDK methods.
    • Fixed bug in Loopback driver in the Ethernet emulation mode. This bug made traffic capture impossible if the queue packets buffers sizes are less than 100 bytes.
    • Fixed bug in ResetOnTimeout. In some cases connections weren’t reset by timeout.
    • Fixed bug in TcpManager working in Invader Mode. This bug might cause «dead» connections without data, that may lead to resource leaks.

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