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"Site Building With Drupal" provides a complete overview of how to install, extend, configure, and launch a Drupal site.

In this video, Addison Berry, Angie Byron, and Jeff Robbins illustrate Drupal's concepts and define much of its jargon while building a complete website. You'll see how to download and install modules, create and configure content types, build listing pages, and configure Drupal's multi-user permission system. The team shows how to use Drupal's taxonomy system to classify and organize your site's content, how to create and configure sidebar content using blocks, and many common tasks such as setting up a rich-text editor. Also discussed are tips for choosing which contributed modules to use, how to create private content, and how to launch a site. The video also shows how many pre- and post-launch tasks such as configuring cron, and how to upgrade your site to a new version of Drupal. This video will give you the knowledge you need to building powerfully flexible and dynamic community websites.

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20 Дек, Воскресенье 2009г.


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