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Документ, попавший в сеть через форум XDA-Developers, называет Visual Studio 2010 и Expression Blend основными инструментами для разработки под новую ОС Windows Phone 7. Плюс, ко всему прочему, документ подтверждает наличие многозадачности (да!) в новой мобильной ОС.

В документе говорится, что разработчикам будут доступны два фреймворка. Первый - фреймворк Silverlight UI для XAML-разработки. Эта платформа обеспечивает разработчикам все функции Silverlight для создания интерфейсов на базе разметки. Второй - фреймворк XNA UI, предназначенный для создания игр. XNA представляет собой набор инструментов Microsoft для разработки игр. Анонсированная в марте 2004 года, данная среда исполнения доступна для XP, Vista, Windows 7 и Xbox 360, при этом XNA-игр могут запускаться на любой платформе с поддержкой фреймворка XNA практически без каких-либо изменений.

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24 Фев, Среда 2010г.

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http://ecx.images-amazon.com/images/I/51uvymR%2BsnL._SL500_AA240_.jpgUltra-fast ASP.NET: Building Ultra-Fast and Ultra-Scalable Websites Using ASP.NET and SQL Server
In the PDF format with ISBN: 1430223839 and Pub Date: October 30, 2009

Ultra-Fast ASP.NET presents a practical approach to building fast and scalable web sites using ASP.NET and SQL Server. In addition to a wealth of tips, tricks and secrets, you'll find advice and code examples for all tiers of your application, including the client, caching, IIS 7, ASP.NET, threads, session state, SQL Server, Analysis Services, infrastructure and operations. By applying the ultra-fast approach to your projects, you’ll squeeze every last ounce of performance out of your code and infrastructure—giving your site unrivaled speed.

The approach is mostly prescriptive; rather than drowning you in options, the book presents and explains specific high-impact recommendations and demonstrates them with detailed examples. Using this knowledge, you will soon be building high-performance web sites that scale easily as your site grows.

What you’ll learn

  • A way of thinking about performance issues that will help you obtain real results.
  • How to apply key principles that will help you build ultra-fast and ultra-scalable web sites.
  • How to use the ultra-fast approach to be fast in multiple dimensions. You’ll have not only fast pages but also fast changes, fast fixes, fast deployments and more.
  • Techniques that are being used by some of the world's largest web sites.
  • How to structure your HTML and CSS to create pages that load ultra-fast.
  • Tips for using Silverlight, Ajax and IIS 7 to improve the performance of your site.
  • How to use comprehensive caching at all tiers to deliver content faster.
  • Why you should avoid traditional session state and how to make the best use of cookies.
  • Tips and tricks for optimizing your ASP.NET and SQL Server code for performance and scalability.
  • How to use Analysis Services to offload your relational database.
  • Why many sites that serve individual pages quickly are not scalable.
  • How to avoid common pitfalls that can have an adverse impact on your site’s performance, both now and as it grows.
  • How to apply an end-to-end systems-based approach to web site performance and scalability, which includes everything from the browser and the network to caching, back-end operations, hardware infrastructure, and your software development process.
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27 Ноя, Пятница 2009г.


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