Windows Workflow → Windows Workflow Foundation Web Workflow Approvals Starter Kit

This starter kit is a Visual Studio 2005 (with updates for Visual Studio 2008) project that demonstrates using Windows Workflow Foundation for simple task-oriented workflow in an ASP.NET Web application. A workflow model is used to automate work order requests at a small example company. It includes three pre-defined roles which each play a part in the work order creation, approval and monitoring. The starter kit may be modified for other workflow models to suit other small Web-based task management systems.

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5 Май, Понедельник 2008г.

Windows Workflow → Windows Workflow Foundation Hosting Quickstart Sample

A quickstart for building a hosting environment for Windows Workflow Foundation. This shows sample source code for building a WF host that can execute either inside ASP.NET and IIS or inside a Windows NT Service.
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20 Ноя, Вторник 2007г.

Windows Workflow → Windows Workflow Foundation Long Running Activity Sample

Sample code illustrating an activity that executes CPU for a long period. This allows for CPU intensive tasks or external long running web services to be called from within a WF activity. Long is a subjective amount of time, but a rule of thumb is 1/10th second or more. Paul Andrew has written a short article about patterns for activity development which includes this sample as a long running activity. The sample is available in this download as both C# and VB.NET.
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10 Ноя, Суббота 2007г.

Windows Workflow → Workflow Designer for Exchange

The Workflow Designer for Exchange 2000 Server is no longer available for download. The download file that is available here includes only a Readme file, and does not include the Workflow Designer.
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16 Май, Среда 2007г.

Windows Workflow → Hands-on Labs for Windows® Workflow Foundation Release Candidates

Windows Workflow Foundation is the programming model, engine and tools for quickly building workflow enabled applications on Windows. This download is a set of 10 Hands-on Labs for Beta 2 of Windows Workflow Foundation. Each lab is approximately 60 minutes of work. The download is a Windows Installer package that includes lab manuals for each lab, pre-requisite files for the labs and sample completed solutions for each exercise in the labs.

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23 Июн, Пятница 2006г.
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