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LucidLog.Net is a comprehensive and efficient logging tool for debugging, diagnostic and real-time monitoring .NET and ASP.NET applications. It allows not only examine how well the your application is executing, but it is also a good way to pinpoint the performance issues and to troubleshoot a business logic of the your application. With LucidLog.Net it’s much easier to trace and debug multi-threaded and distribute applications than with ordinary debuggers.
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13 Апр, Пятница 2007г.

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1 Апр, Воскресенье 2007г.

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This web control will easily add barcodes to ASP.NET web applications and is user-friendly in Visual Basic.NET, C# and Borland Delphi for .NET. The barcodes will dynamically appear in the web browser as high quality GIF, JPG or PNG images. This web component supports several linear and 2D barcode types including Code 128, UPC, EAN, ITF, Code 39, PDF417, Maxicode and DataMatrix.
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29 Мар, Четверг 2007г.

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Are you sick of having massive viewstate values being sent back to the clients browser and making your pages bloated? Our short viewstate component overrides the default viewstate mechanism in ASP.NET and stores these values as files on the server, a SHORT id value is sent to the client browser. Unlike other components on the market, there is no installer. Just one dll to copy into your bin directory and a piece of code to add to any page that uses viewstate, and your ready to go! You can have this up and running on any asp.net website in under 10 minutes!

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11 Мар, Воскресенье 2007г.


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