Файлы → Java → Java Code Samples for the Live Search API

This code sample demonstrates how to use the Live Search SOAP web service in your Java application. It includes examples of all major functionality provided by the web service and includes a reusable module to simplify the API calls.
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4 Мар, Вторник 2008г.

Файлы → Java → Social bookmark script

Social bookmark widget which allow visitors to add pages and posts from a website / blog to Digg, Technorati, Delicious, Yahoo, Reddit, Furl.
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20 Май, Воскресенье 2007г.

Файлы → Java → JSP Page Directive

In this JSP tutorial, you will learn about JSP page directive, attributes of the page directive along with syntax, examples and explanations.
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16 Май, Среда 2007г.

Файлы → Java → DBF2Mysql converter

Create sql queries from old DBF files : We used the javadbf library to process DBF files and create mysql insert commands. Even though quite old, this library works perfectly with legacy DBF data and has enough functions to do the job. Here comes the first version of our class JDBFREAD.java, which actually performs DBF2MYSQL
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6 Май, Воскресенье 2007г.

Файлы → Java → ElegantJ Charts: Java Charts & Gauges Library

ElegantJ Charts is a Java Beans Charts & Gauges library for powerful visualization of the data. It provides ultimate interoperability through XML integration, and with easy-to-use intuitive Chart Desinger IDE, you can design customized, dynamic, interactive 2D and 3D charts in less than 5 minutes! ElegantJ Charts can import data from a wide variety of data sources - text, SQL, or XML through HTTP or FTP. Enjoy the liberty of working in different Java architecture - Java Enterprise Edition, JSP, Servlet, and Java Standard Edition.
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19 Апр, Четверг 2007г.


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