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We're proud to announce a new offline experience for the Journal, called the "Architecture Journal Reader." Demonstrating many of the UX principles highlighted in recent issues, this new reader is a locally installed application that enables you to take every issue of the Journal into a searchable, immersive, and easy-to-read experience. The application synchronizes with our content management services so that you'll automatically have access to the latest Journal issues without needing to download PDF files or checking online.
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28 Ноя, Среда 2007г.

Файлы → Docs → Documentation for WiX in Microsoft Visual Studio Team System code name "Rosario" November CTP

This documentation contains information about the version of WiX distributed with Visual Studio Team System code name "Rosario" November CTP. It contains information about:
• What WiX is
• Using WiX on the command line
• Using WiX in Visual Studio
• WiX Schema Reference
• Advanced WiX Usage such as patch building, custom actions, and extensions
• Additional help links and resources

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27 Ноя, Вторник 2007г.

Файлы → Docs → Visual Studio Team System Code Name "Rosario" CTP10 Documentation

Product documentation for the CTP10 of Visual Studio Team System Code Name "Rosario"
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23 Ноя, Пятница 2007г.

Файлы → Docs → Team Foundation Installation Guide for Visual Studio Team System 2008

This download site contains the most current version of the Team Foundation Installation Guide for Visual Studio Team System 2008, as well as stored versions of the installation guides for the Beta 1 and Beta 2 releases of this product. Download the version that matches the release that you want to install.
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21 Ноя, Среда 2007г.

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Simple Sharing Extensions Specification This is the v0.97 draft of the Simple Sharing Extensions Specification.
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17 Ноя, Суббота 2007г.


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