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Bloget is a full featured ASP.NET 2.0 Blogging Engine written entirely in C#. Unlike other blogging engines, this one is not a Web application. It is a collection of controls useful for writing blogs. Deployment consists of one 450K binary (yes, just one). You can add a blog to a Web page in as little as 2 lines of code.
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21 Мар, Пятница 2008г.

Файлы → CMS → XTemplate.Net

XTemplate.Net is an ASP.Net library much like PHP XTemplate. XTemplate.Net is NOT a port of the popular PHP XTemplate but rather a .Net version of a template engine much like it. Templates that work for PHP XTemplate will work with XTemplate.Net and vice versa. This allows site designers to design while developers, develop, because XTemplate.Net features separation of Code and Design with a lot more flexibility than MasterPages in ASP.Net. Templates made with XTemplate.Net can be nested into unlimited levels leaving your design modular and easy to modify.
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10 Май, Четверг 2007г.

Файлы → CMS → AspNetForum 1.8.1

ASP.NET forum for any .NET-based website. Add an ASP.NET message-board to your site in seconds.

Easy to install and quick to configure ASP.NET forum

A web based discussion forum is a "de-facto" standard for successful websites. It's one of the best ways to increase the interaction and dynamics of a website, enhance your web community, support your customers better and finally increase your sales.


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6 Окт, Пятница 2006г.

Файлы → CMS → Intraweb Studio Personal 3.0.2382

IntraWeb Studio is the first completely .NET based content management system (CMS) with powerful features such as multi-user and teamwork support, template support, multiple language support, flexible variables, remote deployment and deployment to staging areas. It can manage websites, create online documentation and it can publish blogs and RSS feeds using it's built in iterators and RSS mechanisms.

The Free personal edition is ideal for users that would like to develop a single website and will be the only person updating it. It only allows one website.

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13 Июл, Четверг 2006г.

Файлы → CMS → Kentico CMS for ASP.NET 1.1/2.0

Kentico CMS for ASP.NET is a full-featured web content management system that allows you to create fully editable web sites.

 Create Great Web Sites 

Whether you need a simple personal web site or a large corporate site with product catalog, Kentico CMS for ASP.NET will meet your needs with:

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11 Апр, Вторник 2006г.


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