XML.NET Developer's Guide

XML.NET Developer's Guide by Henk-Evert Sonder, Jonothon Ortiz, Adam Sills 8,18 мб

# Paperback: 592 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.50 x 9.20 x 7.54
# Publisher: Syngress; 1st edition (March 2002)
# ISBN: 1928994474

XML is one of the cornerstones of the .NET Framework. .NET aims to bridge the gap between desktop applications and online applications, and facilitate the communication of objects between the two. XML .NET Developer’s Guide will show you how to develop XML documents and applications for use within the .NET Framework.

1. Review the .NET Framework
Learn about the Common Language Runtime, .NET Security Services, Metadata, and System Services.

2. Learn the Components of Visual Studio.NET
Find coverage of the most useful features of VS.NET, including Server Explorer, Properties Explorer, Task List Explorer, IntelliSense, and more.

3. Build Well-Formed XML Documents
Learn the components of XML documents, and see how to transform XML through Extensible Stylesheet Language Transformation (XSLT).

4. Learn the Different XML DOM Levels
Understand how the multiple levels: DOM Level 1 Core, DOM Level 2 Core, DOM Range, DOM Traversal, and DOM XPath define interfaces.

5. Review the Risks with Using XML in the .NET Framework
Construct security policies using a command-line interface tool (caspol.exe) and a Microsoft Management Console snap-in (mcscorcfg.msc).

6. Review the Basics of the ASP.NET Platform
See how to build dynamic images on the fly, do browser-based file upload, and use network services without the need for third-party components.

7. Design Applications and User Interfaces
Step-by-step instructions and case studies will show you how to set up general functions, build a log-in interface, design the browsing interface, and create user functions.

8. Encode Information for E-business Applications
Understand how EDI and XML work together and see how an application with XML can usually compensate for an EDI system without requiring EDI.

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