XML Hacks

XML Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips and Tools by Michael Fitzgerald.
ISBN: 0-596-00711-6, 478 Pages, July 2004

XML Hacks is a roll-up-your-sleeves guide that distills years of ingenious XML hacking into a complete set of practical tips, tricks, and tools for the web developers, system administrators, and programmers who want to go far beyond basic tutorials to leverage the untapped power of XML.

With plenty of useful real-world projects that illustrate how to define, read, create, and manipu-late XML documents, XML Hacks shows readers how to put XMLs power to work on the Internet and within productivity applications. Each Hack in this book can be read easily in a few minutes, saving programmers and administrators countless hours of searching for the right answer. And this is an OReilly Hacks book, so its not just practical, imminently useful, and time-saving. Its also fun.

From Anatomy of an XML Document to Exploring SOAP Messages XML Hacks shows you how to save time and accomplish more with fewer resources. If you want much more than the average XML user--to explore and experiment, do things you didnt know you could do with XML, discover clever shortcuts, and show off just a little--this invaluable book is a must-have.

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