TSkinForm версия 2.2

Компонента для создания программ с поддержкой скинов.

TSkinForm Component

TSkinForm is a component to help you make non-rectangle and skinnable form, just like the popular applications such as WinAMP, WPlay ..., what took hours before can now be done in minutes! With the WYSIWYG skin builder, you can make the script file quite easy. The component makes it very easy to create a very complex and skinnable form without any programming, what you have to do is to create several pictures and drag your mouse to set hot areas to place buttons, texts and track bars. There is even a preview at design time!

The following features are available:

  a. support bmp, jpeg and gif files
  b. support graphic button, including switch-style button, radio button
  c. support text, graphic text and number
  d. support graphic track bar
  e. support multi skins, you can give a skin to each form of the application
  f. support internal skins, skins can be stored in the resource file

· TSkinForm 2.2

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24 Апр, Суббота 2004г.

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