TMS Security System версия

Библиотека для управления доступом к БД на уровне пользователей и их групп (бывший UIL Security System).

The TMS Security System facilitates the definition of user rights on a menu or form level. In its user management features the TMS Security System relies on user/group profiles stored in a database.

- FormPolicy can be edited at runtime
- Event to encrypt passwords in db
- Custom security policy with event
- Read Only security policy
- PageControl tabsheet show/hide support
- Active property for TuilFormPolicy to enable/disable security system on form level
- Active property for TuilSecurityManager to enable/disable security system on application level
- Added demo for ADO

Скачать TMS Security System BCB 6 - версия для C++ Builder 6 424 кб
Скачать TMS Security System D7 - версия для Delphi 7 324 кб

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