TMS Grid Pack версия 2.1

Библиотека включающая набор grid'ов и контролов связанных с ними (TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid, TAdvSpreadGrid, TAdvPreviewDialog, TAdvGridHTMLSettings, TAdvGridFindDialog...).

TAdvStringGrid : highly supercharged string grid
TAdvGridWorkbook : multisheet version of TAdvStringGrid
TAdvColumnGrid : string grid with flexible column oriented property management
TAdvSpreadGrid : formula-aware spreadsheet version of TAdvStringGrid
TDBAdvStringGrid : TAdvStringGrid with capability to load, view, edit DB data
TAdvPreviewDialog : print preview dialog
TAdvGridPrintSettings : dialog for setting the various grid's print options
TAdvGridHTMLSettings : dialog for setting the various grid's HTML export features
TAdvGridFindDialog : dialog wrapping all grid's find functionality
TAdvGridExcelIO : native XLS file import & export with TAdvStringGrid, TAdvColumnGrid, TAdvSpreadGrid and TAdvGridWorkbook
TESBMathsLib : ESB Mathematics library for TAdvSpreadGrid by ESB Consultancy
TChartLink : Synchronize TChart's with grid's data in a codeless way
TFormCtrlLink : component to link any TWinControl descendent as inplace editor for grids

What's new:

version 2.1
- Includes latest TAdvStringGrid v2.7.0.5 release
- New : TAdvSpreadGrid with absolute cell reference support added
- New : TAdvSpreadGrid with programmatical function move added
- New : TAdvSpreadGrid with CHOOSE function added
- New : TAdvSpreadGrid with COUNTIF, COUNTA, COUNTBLANK functions added
- New : TAdvSpreadGrid with NAND, NOR, NOT functions added
- New : TAdvSpreadGrid with Formula entry by cell click
- New : TAdvSpreadGrid with Automatic formula adaption during cell expansion
- New : TAdvSpreadGrid with native XLS file import / export with formula support (import limited to built-in functions)
- New : TAdvSpreadGrid with choice to save to HTML, CSV, Text with or without formulas

version 2.0
- New TAdvGridWorkbook component
- Enhanced native Excel file (97,2000,XP) reading / writing (based on FlexCel technology) can work with TAdvStringGrid, TAdvGridWorkbook
- Additional control properties for XLS import / export with TAdvGridExcelIO
- New OnProgress event for TAdvGridExcelIO
- Enhanced XP themed appearance
- Improvements in TAdvStringGrid spin editor handling
- Improvements in TAdvSpreadGrid handling of scientific floating point numbers in formulas
- New sample applications for the TAdvGridWorkbook
- Various smaller improvements & fixes

· TMS Grid Pack версия 2.1 C++ 6
· TMS Grid Pack версия 2.1 C++ 5
· TMS Grid Pack версия 2.1 D7
· TMS Grid Pack версия 2.1 D6

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24 Апр, Суббота 2004г.

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