TMPHexEditorEx версия 08-29-2004

TMPHexEditor - контрол для отображения и редактирования бинарных файлов (поддержка печати, print preview, clipboard...). hex editor controls for editing and displaying of binary data.
  • ascii, ansi, ebcdic (cp 38), mac and custom character conversion
  • editing of half bytes (=nibbles): insert, delete, swap display
  • insert, overwrite and read only modes
  • bookmarks
  • fixed file size
  • unicode character display
  • customizable position display (e.g. hexadecimal, decimal or octal)
  • optional "ruler" on top of the control
  • definable row and column sizes
  • owner draw (e.g. to highlight certain byte sequences)
  • variable "unit" size (e.g. to force editing whole DWORD values)
  • TMPHexEditorEx: printing and preview (also with colors), clipboard and OLE drag and drop

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20 Сен, Понедельник 2004г.

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