TAdvToolButton : Windows XP, Office 2002, Office 2003 style speedbutton

Speedbutton в стиле Office XP, Windows XP, Office 2003

Feature overview :

- Speedbutton in Flat, Windows XP, Office 2002, Ofice 2003 style and others
- Normal, hot, down, border down, border hot colors and gradients support
- Normal, hot, down and disabled glyph support (Not all state glyphs required)
- Automatic Office XP-like shade generation for hot state
- Dropdown button capability
- Rounded corners
- Checkbox type button capability
- Works with free and full
GlyFX glyph sets that provide XP style normal, hot & disabled glyphs

Опубликовал admin
21 Апр, Среда 2004г.

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