SUIPack версия 5.4

VCL библиотека для создания приложений со скинами и возможностью изменения тем.

SUIPack is a suite of WYSIWYG VCL skin components for Delphi & C++Builder. It provides you the ability to create professional-UI-designed skin and implementations for your applications. Besides the alternative for standard controls, SUIPack provides more additional controls(E.g. non-rectangular forms, MSN-style popup window, etc.)

  • 60+ components
  • 5 built-in themes
  • Supports Sunisoft skin files (.sui)
  • Supports to build the skin files into the EXE file
  • What you see(design-time) is what you get(run-time)
  • Professional-UI-designed skins from professional UI artists
  • Provides stable converting tool to transfer your existing project smoothly
  • Provides ThemeBuilder tool to create your own themes/skins
  • Supports to create non-rectangular forms and controls
  • Support MSN-Style popup window
  • MDI forms supported
  • DB-Aware components with themes support
  • Without requiring any DLL or OCX

SUIPack 5.4 for BCB 5,26 мб SUIPack 5.4 for Delphi 4,28 мб Demos 1,39 мб

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2 Дек, Четверг 2004г.

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