Shell Architect Studio версия 2.3

VCL-библиотека для написания расширений для Windows Shell.

Your applications can use the shell interfaces and functions to enhance various aspects of the Windows shell. On this moment Shell Architect Studio supports following kinds of Windows shell extension:

 Namespace extensions

A namespace is a collection of symbols, such as file and directory names or database keys. The shell uses a single hierarchical namespace to organize all objects of interest to the user, including files, storage devices, printers, and network resources. The namespace is similar to the directory structure of a file system, except that the namespace contains objects other than files and directories.

 Property sheets

When a user right-clicks on a shell object, the shortcut menu that is displayed normally includes a Properties item. Selecting that item launches a property sheet that allows the user to view, and in some cases modify, the object's properties. Windows Shell lets add custom pages to the property sheets, using a property sheet handler extension. A property sheet handler can also add or replace pages in certain Control Panel applets.

 Shortcut menus

A context menu handler is a shell extension that modifies the contents of a context menu. The system displays a context menu when the user clicks or drags an object using mouse button 2. The context menu contains commands that apply specifically to the object that was clicked or dragged.

 Icon handlers

The system uses icons to represent files in the shell's namespace. By default, the system displays the same icon for all files that have the same file name extension. An icon handler can override the default and set the icon for a particular file.

 Column provider

The Windows Explorer Details view normally displays several standard columns. Each column lists information, such as the file size or type, for each file in the current folder. By implementing a ColumnProvider extension, you can make custom columns available for display.

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13 Апр, Вторник 2004г.

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