Securing Windows Server 2003

Securing Windows Server 2003 By Mike Danseglio
Oreilly; 1st Edition November 2004; ISBN: 0-596-00685-3; 444 pages

With the success of computer viruses like Slammer, security issues are now a top priority for Windows system administrators, right alongside day-to-day tasks such as setting up accounts and managing performance. If you use Windows 2003 Server at a small to medium-sized organization, or use Microsofts Small Business Server, this thorough yet concise tutorial offers the hands-on advice you need for securing your network. Modern network operating systems include bundled services that range from traditional file and print sharing and Internet services to authentication, directory and remote access services each a potential security vulnerability as well as a capability. Securing Windows Server 2003 shows you how to put Windows security tools to work, and how to run the servers subsystems to protect users and resources. But thats just the beginning.

Network security needs to be well thought-out, not treated as a fire drill when a threat occurs. This book focuses primarily on ways to plan and implement a secure operating environment. Microsoft security veteran Mike Danseglio uses real-world examples to show you how various security concepts relate to your own system, including:

  • File System Security
  • Group Policy and security templates
  • Running secure code
  • Authentication
  • IP security
  • Public Key Certificates and Public Key Infrastructure
  • Smart Card technology
  • DHCP and DNS security
  • Internet Information Services security
  • Active Directory security
  • Remote access security
  • Security audits
  • Sending secure email, and more
Many chapters include a debate, in which fictional protagonists discuss the pros and cons of a particular strategy or solution. These debates provide an objective look at competing methodologies, so you can select the solutions that best fit your network. Read this book cover to cover to create and implement a security plan, or use individual chapters as stand-alone lessons. Either way, Securing Windows Server 2003 will guide you safely through the morass of security threats.

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