Scripter Studio версия 2.6.1

Scripter Studio версия 2.6.1

Библиотека для использования в программах скриптов.

Feature details

- Run-time Pascal or Basic language interpreter
- Access any Delphi object in scripts, including properties and methods!
- Supports try..except and try..finally blocks in script
- Allows reading/writing of Delphi variables and constants in script
- Allows access (reading/writing) script variables from Delphi code
- You can build (from Delphi code) your own classes, with properties and methods, to be used in script
- Most of Delphi system procedures (conversion, date, formatting, string-manipulation) are already included (IntToStr, FormatDateTime, Copy, Delete, etc.)
- You can add your own custom functions, using AddFunction method
- You can save/load compiled code, so you don't need to recompile source code every time you want to execute it
- Script libraries
- Thread-safe scripter engine
- COM support
- Debugging capabilities (breakpoint, step into, run to cursor, pause, halt ...)

in v2.6.1
- Improved : More overloaded AddVariable methods
- Improved : RangeChecks off directive in
- Fixed bug with script libraries
- Improved : TAdvMemo syntax highlighting memo

in v2.6.0
- New : Script-based libraries. It's now possible to call routines/set global variables from other scripts. See new "script-based libraries" demo to see how it works
- New : File-manipulation routines added: AssignFile, Reset, Rewrite, Append, CloseFile, Write, WriteLn, ReadLn, EOF, FilePos, FileSize (thanks to Keen Ronald)
- New : More system functions added: Abs, ArcTan, ChDir, Chr, Exp, Frac, Int, Ln, Odd, Ord, Sqr, Sqrt
- New : Support to ElseIf constructor in Basic scripter
- New : Support to Uses and Imports declaration in Basic scripter (thanks to Dean Franks)
- New : Code editor with Drag & drop support
- New : AdvCodeList component
- New : Code editor with wordwrap support (no wordwrap, wordwrap on memo width, wordwrap on right margin)
- New : Code editor with Code block start/end highlighting while typing
- New : Code editor with properties ActiveLineColor, ActiveLineTextColor properties added
- New : Code editor with BreakpointColor, BreakpointTextColor
- New : Code editor with Actions for most common editor actions.
- Several fixes and misc. code improvements

Scripter Studio developers guide

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