SandBar версия for .NET

Удобная библиотека компонент для Windows Forms. Позволяет создавать панели и меню с оформлением в стиле Office XP или Office 2003 без написания строчки кода, достаточно только бросить на форму. Имеется поддержка drag and drop между панелями. В состав пакета входят такие компоненты, как ToolBar, MenuBar, ContainerBar и FlatComboBox.

SandBar is a powerful, easy to use toolbar and menu library for Windows Forms on the .NET framework. It boasts a comprehensive range of features designed to give your applications a great looking interface while minimizing development costs. SandBar gives you toolbars, menubars and task panes that emulate the look of Office XP or Office 2003 and are fully configurable without having to write a single line of code.

The designer support in SandBar is unparalleled by any other toolbar/menu library. Interacting with toolbars and menubars at design time is just like using them at runtime with extra controls to add and manipulate buttons. Full drag and drop of toolbar items is supported between toolbars and even instances of Visual Studio. Menu designers that present your menus at design time just the way they are presented at runtime make configuring an advanced menu system as easy as point and click.

There are no clunky collection editors or new windows to open up for configuration, making SandBar the most productive library of its kind to work with. As well as using the specialised containers for redocking, you have the option to use any of the controls in a standalone, locked form - including the ToolBar, MenuBar, ContainerBar and FlatComboBox.

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8 Дек, Среда 2004г.

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