Powering Office 2003 With XML

Powering Office 2003 with XML by Peter G. Aitken
Paperback: 452 pages, Publisher: John Wiley & Sons (October 20, 2003), ISBN: 0764541226
  • Understand XML specification and schemas
  • Set up and complete InfoPathTM forms
  • Design new forms from XML data files
  • Debug InfoPath scripts
  • Tackle real-world problems with the help of case studies
  • Work with data in each of the XML-supported Office applications

You don not need to be a programmer to enhance Office with XML

XML support for Microsoft Office 2003 has taken interoperability to a new level. Now you can share data among Office applications, across platforms, and over the Internet using built-in XML tools. In this clearly organized volume, Peter Aitken helps you define and standardize document data structure within your organization using XML. He explains XML technology, walks you through designing templates with InfoPath, and shows you how to use the XML tools built into Word, Excel, Access, and FrontPage to facilitate data exchange throughout your enterprise.

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