OReilly - Understanding the Linux Kernel - 2nd Edition

user posted image# Paperback: 816 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.39 x 11.14 x 7.01
# Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates; 2nd edition (December 2002)
# ISBN: 0596002130

The new edition of Understanding the Linux Kernel takes you on a guided tour through the most significant data structures, many algorithms, and programming tricks used in the kernel. Probing beyond the superficial features, the authors offer valuable insights to people who want to know how things really work inside their machine. Relevant segments of code are dissected and discussed line by line. The book covers more than just the functioning of the code, it explains the theoretical underpinnings for why Linux does things the way it does. The new edition of the book has been updated to cover version 2.4 of the kernel, which is quite different from version 2.2: the virtual memory system is entirely new, support for multiprocessor systems is improved, and whole new classes of hardware devices have been added. You'll learn what conditions bring out Linux's best performance, and how it meets the challenge of providing good system response during process scheduling, file access, and memory management in a wide variety of environments. If knowledge is power, then this book will help you make the most of your Linux system.

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by Daniel P. Bovet (Author), Marco Cesati (Author) 1.95 mb

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