O'Reilly - Learning UML

O'Reilly - Learning UML by Sinan Si Alhir (Author) 1,28 мб

# Paperback: 304 pages ; Dimensions (in inches): 0.62 x 9.16 x 7.10
# Publisher: O'Reilly & Associates; 1st edition (July 1, 2003)
# ISBN: 0596003447

Learning UML introduces the Unified Modeling Language and leads you through an orderly progress towards mastery of the language. You'll begin by learning how UML is used to model the structure of a system. Many key UML concepts, especially that of the general (classes) versus the specific (objects), are illustrated in the chapter on class and object diagrams. Next, you'll learn how to use use-case diagrams to model the functionality of a system. Finally, you'll see how component and deployment diagrams are used to model the way in which a system is deployed in a physical environment. You'll learn how to use sequence and collaboration, to model the interaction over time between system components, how to use state diagrams to describe the life cycle of system components, and how to use activity diagrams to document control-flow and responsibility. Throughout this book, author Sinan Si Alhir maintains a clear focus on UML the language and avoids getting caught up in the cobwebs of methodology. His presentation is direct and to-the-point. Each chapter ends with a set of exercises that you can use to test your growing knowledge of UML and its concepts.

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