Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Insider Solutions

Microsoft Windows Server 2003 Insider Solutions: Shortcuts and Best Practices (Microsoft Windows Server)
by Rand H. Morimoto, Andrew Abbate, Eric Kovach, Ed Roberts, Rand Morimoto
Paperback: 720 pages; Publisher: Sams; (December 1, 2003); ISBN: 0672326094

Rather than being a traditional planning, design, and implementation guide, this book is a serious resource guide for Windows experts to find tips, tricks, and best practices for implementing and supporting key Windows Server 2003 technologies. The authors started working with Windows Server 2003 (then codename Whistler) just days after the code for Windows 2000 was locked, when most organizations were getting a first chance to see the Windows 2000 server product. With more than three years of experience working with Whistler in early beta and production implementations, the authors of this book have provided a resource to help you make Windows 2003 technologies work properly.

When given a choice of different ways of implementing the technologies, you can turn to this book for the best practices of successful field implementations. This book is organized into eight parts, each part focusing around a core technological solution area, with several chapters making up each part. Sections include security, management, design, migration, business continuity, performance, and business productivity.

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