Microsoft Excel 2003 Programming Inside Out

Microsoft Excel 2003 Programming Inside Out by Wayne S. Freeze, Curtis Frye, Felicia K. Buckingham
Microsoft Press, 700 pages, ISBN: 0735619859, November 12, 2003

You are a sophisticated user of Excel a real pro with spreadsheets so now dig into its powerful programming capabilities and really put your data to work! From writing code in Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications (VBA) to taking advantage of new XML data-sharing features, this book packs hundreds of timesaving programming solutions, troubleshooting tips, and handy workarounds all in concise, fast? answer format. Discover the best and fastest ways to build custom business solutions with Excel and challenge yourself to new levels of mastery!

•From automating simple tasks to building custom solutions, write better code with VBA
•Learn best practices for writing and debugging your own macros
•Use VBA code to manage dates and times, reformat worksheets, and locate external files
•Extend your Excel solutions by developing your own add-ins
•Get powerful perspectives on data by programmatically manipulating PivotTable and PivotChart dynamic views
•Create custom command bars, dialog boxes, and user forms
•Employ ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) to access external databases
•Exploit the new XML capabilities in Excel 2003

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