Help & Manual версия 3.6

Help & Manual box shot - click on the image to read more about Help & ManualМощнейшая утилита для генерации help файлов (PDF, RTF, HLP, HTML, HTMLHelp, MMHelp) с wizard, интегрированным в IDE Delphi.

Что нового:

  • Direct support for Macromedia Flash! Help & Manual 3.6 directly supports Flash animations in compiled HTML Help and browser based help. This works with animated tutorials from TurboDemo, Macromedia Captivate, Swish and many others!
  • Help Context Wizard for Borland Delphi: Support for Delphi 2005 added
    Help context tool: import recognizes VS comments and reads hexadecimal context number notations
  • Project report: a new project report is added: includes unused images. Images that were used as links (picture instead of text link) were not listed in the full project report.
  • Copy, cut and paste in the TOC: when entries are cut and pasted in the same project, the text extension "(Copy)" is not longer added.
  • More intelligent synchronization between TOC and topic header: topics that were copied before (and have the word "(copy)" in the TOC heading) are synchronized properly.
  • Small bug in C++ source code highlighter fixed: double '' did not work
  • When you paste an image from the clipboard, Help & Manual automatically saves the image to a picture file with an enumerated name (ClipXXXX.bmp). That enumeration now checks not only the current folder, but the search path for all images, to avoid duplicates.

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18 Дек, Суббота 2004г.

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