Gnostice eDocEngine версия 1.1

Компоненты для создания документов в различных форматах (PDF, RTF, HTML, XHTML, EXCEL, TEXT, CSV, Quattro Pro, LOTUS 1-2-3, DIF, SYLK, TIFF, PNG, SVG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, EMF и WMF), BMP/DIF/SYLK/Text могут быть напрямую помещены в Windows Clipboard.

Gnostice eDocEngine is a comprehensive, generic, 100% pure VCL electronic document creation component suite for Borland® Delphi™ and Borland® C++Builder™. eDocEngine enables developers to deliver information straight from the applications they develop in over 20 popular electronic document formats. Rich content can be easily formatted to the precise look and feel required and delivered directly to users’ web browsers, sent as email attachments or saved to disk. Actionable and navigational elements can be easily added to created documents to provide interactivity and enhance the overall user experience. eDocEngine currently supports the creation of documents in PDF, RTF, HTML, XHTML, EXCEL, TEXT, CSV, Quattro Pro, LOTUS 1-2-3, DIF, SYLK, TIFF, PNG, SVG (XML based vector graphics), JPEG, GIF, BMP, EMF and WMF formats. Metafile, BMP, DIF, SYLK and Text can be directly output to the Windows® Clipboard. eDocEngine does not use any external software or require any DLLs to be deployed for creation of documents in any of the formats. eDocEngine also exports from QuickReport, ReportBuilder, FastReport, Rave Reports, AceReporter, Express Printing System, TRichView, ThtmlViewer, GmPrintSuite and more.

Using eDocEngine to create and deliver information electronically
eDocEngine provides VCL components for the creation of the supported document formats. The developer can place the components on a Form or DataModule, set properties to customize the output and then call methods to insert Text, draw Shapes, Charts and Images, and render Metafiles. The final output can be received in a memory stream or a disk file. The screen shots show the creation of a new PDF document with some text and a metafile rendered. The vector graphics in the metafile are retained as vector graphics in the PDF document ensuring sharp and light weight PDF documents, even when scaled to much larger page sizes.

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