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Are you interested in waterproofing the basement from the inside with your own hands?

To begin with, let's see what the waterproofing of the basement walls from the inside is all about.. It is no secret that lately, people use basements for different purposes. There are those who begin to store valuables in the basement, and there are those who even equip recreation areas. Yes, yes, you heard right. But, for this, in the basement it is necessary to carry out heating and special finishing work. After that, there is already no hint that this room was once a basement. But, unfortunately, many people often forget about the important point - high-quality waterproofing, which is extremely necessary. The fact is that the basement is beneficial, it must be not only dry, but also well-maintained. Basements are much more susceptible to moisture penetration than other parts of the hall, or structures, just for the reason that they are located underground, where there is groundwater melt water. Can confidently say that poor waterproofing is the cause of the destruction of walls and structures in general, as well as the appearance of fungus and various types of insects and, of course, to the unpleasant moment - the flooding of the basement. It should be said that properly made basement waterproofing is a whole complex of works aimed at creating a reliable and waterproof membrane. Be sure to consult with experts before starting work, in order to identify in each case a set of works separately. Pay attention to the features of the technology of using quality materials isomat, which are used for waterproofing basements. And, during the complex work of the room, do not forget about a good hood. By the way, the lack of high-quality ventilation may well lead to a large accumulation of condensate on the ceiling and walls and, prevent adequate analysis of the places where leaks occurred. Of course, surface preparation for waterproofing and plays a big role. And, above all, it is possible to take out all unnecessary from the basement. You need to start cleaning and repair large cracks and all defective areas with a repair compound, and, in the place where there is an active leakage, put a seal. After the repair composition is dry, you need to get rid of fine rubble and dust over the entire surface.

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7 Янв, Вторник 2014г.

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