FinalBuilder версия 2.5

Система управления проектом (загрузка проекта в ide, компиляция, перемещение файлов, запуск программ и dos-команд, работа с VCS, help, инсталлятором и т.д.). Добавлена поддержка Delphi 8 for .NET.

FinalBuilder is designed to automate tasks that you routinely do as part of your software development cycle. It allows you to quickly define a repeatable list of actions that can be executed in the same manner time after time. FinalBuilder cuts down build times by automating tasks that often take many laborious manual steps. Any manual process with more than one step is prone to errors, humans are generally not very good at doing repetitive tasks, often doing steps out of order or missing steps altogether. FinalBuilder can help you cut out those errors.


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28 Мар, Воскресенье 2004г.

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