FastReport VCL версия 2.52

Один из лучших генераторов отчетов. Основные новшества связаны с экспортом (добавлены экспорт в текст с возможностью печати на матричном принтере, экспорт в Excel на основе формата XML и т.д.)


  • добавлен экспорт в текст с возможностью печати на матричном принтере;
  • добавлен экспорт в HTML-формат на основе таблиц и стилей;
  • добавлен экспорт в Excel на основе формата XML (MS Office 2000/XP/2003);
  • полностью переработан экспорт в Excel (OLE);
  • полностью переработан экспорт в RTF (построение на основе таблиц, поддержка MS Office 97-2003);
  • доработан формат записи отчетов для конвертации в версию FastReport 3.0 (fr3);
  • Open QueryBuilder поставляется опционально (идет в комплекте поставки).


  • багфиксы.

FastReport™ VCL works with Borland Delphi 2-7 and Borland C++Builder 1-6. It written in Object Pascal and uses the Borland VCL library.


  • Fast, compact and flexible code that you can extend. No additional DLLs needed.
  • Built-in powerful and easy-to-use designer accessible at run-time.
  • Suitable MSWord-like report preview with "Search text" and "Edit" functions.
  • Useful component set: Text, Line, Picture, Shape, OLE, RichText, Chart, Barcode.
  • You can also write your own components.
  • Export your reports to other formats (such as TXT, RTF, CSV, HTML, PDF and other).
  • Built-in Pascal-like macro language allows you to write code without programming in Delphi. This allows you to create reports that can't be created using other tools.
  • FastReport™ reports can contain dialog forms that you can use to modify parameters before preparing a report. You can use as many dialogs as you need. FastReport™ uses the same designer for dialogs with a standard set of dialog controls: Button, Edit, CheckBox and others.
  • FastReport™ provides a variety of database engines allowing you to create tables, queries and database components at run-time. Your reports can be completely independent of your application!
  • FastReport™ can import data from tables and queries, arrays and data files from any source.
  • FastReport™ is not BDE-dependent and can be used with any database library based on the standard TDataset component.
  • FastReport™ also works with IB_Objects, a powerful and widely known library for Interbase DBMS.
  • Localization in 21 languages. FastReport™ makes it easier to internationalize your applications.
  • ! added improved text file export with dot-matrix printer support
    ! added HTML file export (based on table/styles)
    ! added Excel file export (based on XML, MS Office 2000/XP/2003 supported)
    - modified Excel file export (OLE)
    - modified RTF file export (table structure, MS Office 97-2003 supported)
    - modified FastReport 3.0 (fr3) save from designer
    - Open QueryBuilder optional install
    - bug fixes.

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