DtpDocuments версия 2.19

Библиотека для работы с графикой (разработки photo browsers, home/desktop publishing apps, CAD/GIS systems, interactive viewers...).

With the DtpDocuments component suite, you, the developer, can instantly add professional-quality document editing capabilities to your VCL applications. It is not the next reporting component that can only output square, unblended shapes and text blocks. This component can handle virtually every graphical aspect, including native free rotation and alpha blending on pixel and shape level.

  • Photo editors
  • Word-processors
  • Desktop Publishing and home publishing applications
  • Multipage print previews
  • Process visualisation
  • Reporting engines
  • CAD/GIS editors (2D) - also eCAD, ODB++
  • Flowcharting and diagramming applications (e.g. VISIO-alike)

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25 Сен, Суббота 2004г.

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