Digital Photography Hacks

Digital Photography Hacks: 100 Industrial-Strength Tips & Tools by Derrick Story.
ISBN: 0-596-00666-7, 332 Pages, May 2004

Digital Photography Hacks is your passport to taking the kind of digital photos you have always aspired to. Written by Derrick Story, photographer and author of Digital Photography Pocket Guide and other books, it goes beyond the standard fare of most digital photography books--such as camera basics, understanding memory cards, and when to use a flash--to the things that professional photo-graphers have learned through thousands of shots worth of experience, years of experimentation, and fiddling and hacking. The book includes a foreword by photographer Rick Smolan, author of America 24/7.

With exquisite, full-color photos throughout, the book presents a collection of tips, tricks, and techniques for photographers ready to move beyond the basics. And if you dont have the latest in digital camera photography, this book will show you how to extend the life and functiona-lity of your existing camera. All the hacks in the book are platform-agnostic, designed for use on both Mac on Windows-based computers.

This book is for the photographer you are now, and the one you want to be. Digital Photography Hacks is for the creative adventurer who resides in each of us.

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