Delphi2CS версия 1.0 - Migrates from Delphi to C#.NET

Утилита для конвертации исходных кодов проектов на Delphi в C#.

Delphi2CS is an assistant tool that converts Delphi code to C#.
Delphi2CS creates a new project, converts each file from the original project(.dpr) into the new project(.csproj), and generates a report detailing what was done.
After your project is converted, Delphi2CS inserts comments into your C# code alerting you to statement that will need to be changed.


Delphi2CS does not guarantee that the generated C# codes work fine, because many of the VCL components and objects do not have the corresponding components in .NET.


Delphi2CS Features:

Delphi2CS limitations:

  • Doesn't support the condition compiler statement. (#IF #ELSE)
  • Doesn't support ASM ... END statement
  • Doesn't convert ADO to .NET.
  • Doesn't convert BDE to .NET.
  • Doesn't work for Delphi.NET(Delphi8)

Before you install Delphi2CS, you MUST have installed MS .NET Framework.

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22 Апр, Четверг 2004г.

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