APress - SQL Server Security Distilled, Second Edition

SQL Server Security Distilled, Second Edition by Morris Lewis
352 pages; Publisher: APress; (March 1, 2004); ISBN: 1590592190

Text takes an in-depth look at what you can do to secure data in SQL Server; showing how to authenticate access to data on the server, and authorize what users can and cant do with that data, in versions 6.5, 7.0, and 2000. Includes new sections on how to protect data from tampering as it travels the network and how to use ASP.NETs Forms Authentication with SQL Server.

SQL Server is the dominant relational database in the Windows market and data security is a huge and growing concern for all businesses. Securing SQL Server is one of the most important responsibilities of the SQL Server professional. SQL Server Distilled, Second Edition is a very carefully researched, clearly explained book on securing SQL Server, by an author who knows SQL Server inside and out. If you follow the practical guidelines that are clearly set out in this book, then you stand a very good chance of making sure that the data stored in your database is secure and that the conversation between your applications and the database is secure (preventing SQL injection attacks, etc.). For example, any DBA who implemented the security precautions detailed in the book would not have been affected by the infamous Slammer virus. This second edition offers practical advice on how to implement good practices that will ward off future viruses before they are even created, and it contains new content that reflects all updates to SQL Servers security mechanisms.

APress - SQL Server Security Distilled, Second Edition 2,42 мб

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20 Ноя, Суббота 2004г.

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