Native LINQ under active development?

None of this actually showed up in XE.  The cross-platform work was supposed to, right up until a couple months ago, but they deferred it because it wasn’t ready yet.  And the 64-bit work’s been promised but not delivered yet for a long time.  (Now they say it’ll be in XE2.  I sure hope so!)  But… LINQ support in the compiler?  Under active development and not a “more things I can’t talk about”?  Wow, when did this happen?

Last time I can remember Barry Kelly discussing even the possibility of LINQ in Delphi was two years ago on The Podcast at  A quick Google search doesn’t reveal anything on the subject on his blog since 2008.  So I went back and listened to that podcast again.  The stuff about LINQ starts at around minute 31, where he leads into it by talking about another new feature he’s currently (at the time) working on: anonymous methods.  (And a lot of the hits on his blog when I searched for LINQ were him explaining in comments how support for anonymous methods lead up to being able to use LINQ.)

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7 Окт, Четверг 2010г.

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