Building, debugging, and deploying a DataSnap/REST ISAPI dll

RAD Studio XE includes some new features for DataSnap that I have eagerly anticipated and been requesting for years. The XE release provides an implementation that is already proving to be very useful and productive. For EDN, we have already started creating new DataSnap/REST based services for our "next generation" of services because of the strength of these new features.

This article discusses the steps taken to build a DataSnap/REST ISAPI dll that is deployed to IIS 6 on Windows Server 2003.

Although the DataSnap wizard can easily make stand-alone DataSnap servers, ISAPI is a valuable option to support. A DataSnap ISAPI server:

  • Can share ports with an existing web server
  • Can be managed with other IIS applications
  • Gets SSL support "for free" with the built-in SSL support of IIS

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7 Окт, Четверг 2010г.

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