Xtreme-Protector 1.07

Библиотека для защиты программ от взлома.
DLL files support
Improved OEP protection
Polymorphic anti-trace improvements
RISC CPU emulator
Xprotector Macros + SDK for Visual Basic
Ring0 anti-dumping compatibility with multithreading applications
Fixed compatibility issue with big icons when opening a file under WindowsXP
New Xprotector driver with unload/upgrade support without restarting the system
Fixed compatibility issue with resource section in some programs under WindowsXP
Fixed bug with Expiring Keys
Added Visual Basic examples SDK
Added support for expiration date in LicenseGen.dll
New anti-debugger techniques
Added compatibility with anti-dump Ring0 techniques and Visual Basic programs
Added new anti-dump techniques
Fixed compatibility issue with Xprotector macros
Improved security in Xprotector macros against tracers
Fixed memory leak in loader
Fixed bug in apiwrapper with dlls that only have exports by ordinal

Опубликовал admin
18 Дек, Четверг 2003г.

Программирование для чайников.