xStarter 1.8.9

Although database servers do not always provide built-in task schedulers, it is often necessary to plan script execution at specified times. It is important to regularly undertake a range of actions on a database such as rebuilding indexes, creating backup copies and restoring data from these copies.

xStarter Job Scheduler for Firebird/Interbase is the very solution that enables you to overcome such server problems. The majority of actions are performed through API Services so it is possible to manage tasks via a remote computer.

The software has a host of tools to solve your everyday tasks. These tools assist you in organizing and sending notification messages regarding performed tasks (or queued and unperformed tasks), creating backup copies, and many other functions.


The main program features:

  • Tasks performed according to a schedule or events
  • An unlimited number of actions for each task
  • Implementation of SQL queries and Backup/Restore of a database within the specified action framework
  • Service actions performed using a database such as Validate, Sweep, etc
  • Tasks can be launched by database events via command POST_EVENT
  • Notification messages sent detailing performed tasks
  • Backup copies created
  • Folders synchronized
  • And many many more...

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