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xacc.ide is a opensource IDE aimed at mainly .NET development. It has a code editor written in 100% C# code, which is faster than most commercial offerings. Has support for various languages including, but not limited to, C#, IL, C/C++, Yacc, Flex, NSIS and XML. Includes easily configurable build support for any executable. For .NET based languages, it contains an integrated debugger (dependent on .NET SDK). Only requires .NET framework, but .NET SDK is recommended as well as MS VC++ toolkit.

Latest Changes:

  • Now based on .NET 2.0, and hence required
  • Completely C# based now
  • Only about 13 languages currently supported but C# does have a parser too, and very nice highlighting. More to come soon
  • Shrunken installer down to 500kb
  • Very fast now, comparable to VS2003. (Hint: for very fast performance "ngen install xacc.ide.exe")
  • There are quite a few bugs, please dont report them, this is only a preview release

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3 Июл, Понедельник 2006г.

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