WebInput.NET 2.0 Service Pack 2

WebGrid.NET Integration
Integrates WebInput.NET into WebGrid.NET Enterprise's state-of-the-art editing environment to enable greater control over data input.
WebInput.NET is designed with rock-solid object model that can be easily used in both standalone or integrated within Intersoft's WebGrid.NET Enterprise editing environment.

Character Highlight
Three types of highlighting features are available which are character, phrase and word highlighting. The highlighting feature works in conjunction with editors, masking, validation and other core features. With Highlighting feature, user can select and highlight specific edit value (whether a character, a phrase or a word), edit the value, and spin it.

Easy-to-use Designer
Quickly apply a format from a list of predefined expressions using WebInput.NET Designer.
The Designer has the ability to preview the styles on-the-fly by applying layout from the predefined layouts as well as your own.

Access® compatible masking support
One of the most powerful features is its ability to support comprehensive masking such as the one found in Microsoft Access(R).
Developers can now provide excellent and rich input in their web applications for entering fields such as Social Security Number, Extension, Phone Number in any culture, any formats as long as it comforms to the Access® masking specification.

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