WebDesktop.NET 1.5

Extend your web application even more with the new version of WebDesktop.NET 1.5. Added new powerful AJAX component, two new UI components and significant enhancements to the existing components prepare you to get ready for building application toward Web 2.0. Try the new version of WebDesktop.NET today!

Persistence has been the needs for every component to offer personalization functions. The challenge lies on how the persistence can be made consistently across all components. This architecture provides a generic way to load or save structure in both client and server side.

Intersoft's WebUI.NET Framework extensively utilizes XML as its main storage for client side settings. Intersoft developed its own compression and decompression algorithm in order to compress the XML storage into 40-60% smaller size.

InteractiveDesigner is one of the technology that powering WebPlaceHolderManager interface in IDE. WebToolBar and WebMenuBar use PlaceHolderManager as its main container which enable automatic docking position right in the IDE.

ClickAndEdit greatly enhances developer's productivity by simplifying the editing mechanism which takes advantage of Visual Studio 2005. With this feature, developers can simply click on an inactive Window object directly in the IDE. The clicked Window will then become an Active Window and you can start typing inside the editing region of the Active Window.

Structure Management
WebTab extensively implements Structure Management API as well as in other members. With this feature, you can load previously saved structure file or stream from either design-time or runtime (via code behind). To load layout programmatically, use LoadTabsStructureFromXml method available in WebTab object.

Intelligent resizing mechanism
It gives an accurate unit measurement which returns the original unit type. For example, if the cell is in percentage (%) size, when it gets resized the unit measurement will still be in %. Thus the layout design is still consistent when the browser window is resized.

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