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Web based newsletter software. Unlimited campaigns, lists, subscribers, alternative Mail Servers for mailing lists. Ajax enabled. Personalized html-text newsletters. Clicks, views reports and follow up. Double opt-in/out verification. Various admin levels. dbExplorer for Ms Access - Ms SQL Server. Browse - Edit any Ms-Access or SQL Server 2000-2005 Database. Import and / or synchronize subscriber data from your CRM/ERP. Automatic Link Tracking statistics for all links. Built in Bounce Manager. Recipient based advanced subscriber management and filtering. Advanced Logging Built-in and custom Newsletter Personalization Variables. Support for reusable templates (that can be shared among the content editors). Support for reusable hyperlinks (that can be shared among the content editors). Form Generator for sign-up form integration in your web sites. Campaign Reporting Engine. Suppresion Lists text files that allow to exclude email addresses from postings.

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