WeatherBox .NET

Rich design-time support 1000+ preconfigured North American locations Application level data caching First and only commercial .NET weather control NOAA/NWS server independent No data attribution required City elevation adjusted temperature DotNetNuke ready

WeatherBox .NET allows ASP.NET web developers and designers to quickly add weather forecasts to their web-site. Written entirely in .NET, WeatherBox is a templated control with rich design-time support making customizations and configuration easy. The data displayed by the control is entirely managed through the various templates. Forecasts can be provided for a fixed location or allow each user to select their own location, true personalization for your visitors. Accurate weather data is provided for 1000+ North American cities with an independent data feed at no additional cost.

Screen shot of San-Francisco in Spring

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8 Июн, Четверг 2006г.

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