Visual WebGui

Visual WebGui is an AJAX development framework  that simplifies development of enterprise IT web applications to the simplest. 

  • Enhancement of existing web applications
  • High-transaction and event-driven Internet applications
  • Next-generation portals
  • Application modernization

    For your convenience and confidence, Visual WebGui is offered as an Open Source framework with a dual license policy. Try it, develop, and share it with the community. Get complete access to all documentation, tutorials and our support team, participate in the community activities, all; at no cost! With a commercial license (or participate in one of our other programs) you will gain the advantages of premium support and updates (electronic, including the usage of our electronic bug detector suit), all within an annual subscription of 750$ (standard edition, per developer). You are invited to take a look at our reseller, market place, benefactor and core developers programs (to be introduced shortly).  

Desktop developer, see how you can develop rich internet applications with what you already know. Please join us for a short introduction. It will only take a few minutes of your time. We will show you how you can start developing an AJAX web application in 10 minutes, using WinForms (VB.NET, C++ C# or any other .NET language). With Visual WebGui you develop using WinForms design patterns, IDE, methodologies, application blocks, full object orientation support, creation of composite controls, inheritance and reflection, debugging on one tier UI application. Basically Visual WebGui provides you with full WinForms Capabilities on web.

Web developer, this is your opportunity to see how you can develop high quality AJAX web applications at 10-20% of the time and effort spent on alternative frameworks, join us for a short  introduction. You, of all developers, know what you have to go through to design, develop, and maintain multi-screen, data-intensive systems, typical for enterprise IT needs. Most of your efforts are spent on overcoming web development limitations, which are inherently there, as current web technologies are not meant to support applications on the web. See how you can implement AJAX with no AJAX know-how, develop web applications with no scripting, stop worrying where code runs on the server or client, debug a single code layer and maintain highly structured code on a scalable and extensible framework.

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17 Мар, Суббота 2007г.

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