Visual Studio 2005 → Visual Studio “Orcas” LINQ, May 2006 CTP

LINQ is a codename for a set of extensions to the .NET Framework that encompass language-integrated data query, set, and transform operations. It includes extensions to the C# and Visual Basic languages with native language syntax for queries and provides class libraries to take advantage of these capabilities.

This package is a combined update of both the VB and C# LINQ Community Technology Previews released in January 2006 and December 2005. It includes samples, whitepapers, hands-on labs and compiler/IDE support for creating LINQ-enabled applications.

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11 Май, Четверг 2006г.

Visual Studio 2005 → Visual Studio Tools for Office 2005 Toolkit: Requirements Authoring Starter Kit

Learn how the Requirements Authoring Starter Kit (RASK) can help software development teams collect, interpret, distribute, and synchronize project requirements in a structured Word document using Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Tools for the Microsoft Office System and the Microsoft Visual Studio 2005 Team Foundation Server. This download accompanies two MSDN articles "Using the Requirements Authoring Starter Kit".
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11 Май, Четверг 2006г.

Visual Studio 2005 → Consolas Font Pack for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005

Consolas is intended for use in programming environments and other circumstances where a monospaced font is specified. All characters have the same width, like old typewriters, making it a good choice for personal and business correspondence. Optimizing the font specifically for ClearType allowed a design with proportions closer to normal text than traditional monospaced fonts like Courier.
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4 Май, Четверг 2006г.

Visual Studio 2005 → Visual Studio® 2005 Extensions for Windows Workflow Foundation Beta 2.2

Microsoft Windows Workflow Foundation is the programming model, engine, and tools for quickly building workflow-enabled applications on Windows. It consists of a Microsoft WinFX namespace (System.Workflow), an in-process workflow engine, and designers for Microsoft Visual Studio 2005. You can read more about scenarios for which Windows Workflow Foundation is suited and an introduction to the technology on the Workflow MSDN DevCenter.
  • The License Agreements in these pre-release versions of Windows Workflow Foundation Runtime Components Beta 2.2.
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2 Май, Вторник 2006г.

Visual Studio 2005 → IronPython 1.0 Beta 6

IronPython is the codename for a beta release of the Python programming language for the .NET platform. It supports an interactive interpreter with fully dynamic compilation. It is well integrated with the rest of the framework and makes all .NET libraries easily available to Python programmers.
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22 Апр, Суббота 2006г.


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