Visual SourceSafe 2005 Update

This update is a rollup of bug fixes for Visual Source Safe. The fixed bugs include stability, performance, data integrity, and usability enhancements in many areas of the product. It also improves compatibility with Visual Studio 2008 and Windows Vista™. A comprehensive list of fixes is publsihed in the Microsoft Knowledgebase Article. The article can be found by following the appropriate link under Additional Information on this page.
  • This update may be installed before or after installing Visual Studio.
  • It is recommended that this update be installed before using SourceSafe inside Visual Studio 2008 (formerly codenamed “Orcas”). Once installed, SourceSafe 2005 is compatible with all Orcas releases.
  • The update only needs to be installed once.
  • The update can be installed over any existing SourceSafe 2005 hotfixes. In addition, future hotfixes will contain all of the changes from this update (cumulative). Older builds will never overwrite newer builds.
  • It is recommended that you backup your SourceSafe databases before installing this update.

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12 Дек, Среда 2007г.

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