VistaTaskDialog VCL Component 2.0

Provide your end users an advanced feedback experience with this highly and flexible component which emulates the new Windows™ Vista TaskDialog feature! Now you can use this new Dialog even in older Windows Operating Systems and forget about the old and  poorly MessageBoxes and DialogBoxes. In fact this component can replace and extend both of them while providing a new way to interact with users!

Vtd shot

  • Fully emulated and customizable TaskDialog with advanced features
  • Template persistance, now you can load templates in runtime and design them through a full featured Designer!
  • Many proprierties and events to control all aspects of final rendering and behaviour
  • 100% Flicker free
  • Small footprint (ca. 90Kb)
  • Source price is only $25*
  • Free for non commercial use!

Опубликовал admin
9 Янв, Вторник 2007г.

Программирование для чайников.