JavaScript 2.0: The Complete Reference, Second Edition

JavaScript: The Complete Reference, Second Edition by Thomas Powell, Fritz Schneider, Thomas Powell, Fritz Schneider
976 pages; Publisher: McGraw-Hill Osborne Media; 2 edition (July 14, 2004); ISBN: 0072253576; 12,08 мб

Build dynamic, cross-browser Web pages using JavaScript--the premier client-side scripting language in use today on the Web. First learn the basics of the language, then combine syntax and theory to develop practical applications--create a variety of windows including special dialogs, use the W3C Document Object Model (DOM) 2 to manipulate (X)HTML documents, add sizzle to your pages with special effects, and improve usability. With full coverage of advanced topics such as using embedded objects and remote JavaScript, this is the ultimate resource for beginning and advanced users alike.

  • Learn core language features such as data types, objects, and regular expressions
  • Manipulate (X)HTML and XML documents using the W3C DOM 2
  • Take advantage of the standard event models in DOM 2 for robust event handling
  • Control windows and frames with the Windows object
  • Validate forms before sending them to server-side programs
  • Add dynamic effects to Web pages, such as rollovers and animation
  • Extend JavaScript’s capabilities using embedded multimedia objects
  • Interact with servers on the Internet using remote JavaScript
  • Understand JavaScript security policies
  • Troubleshoot and debug your JavaScript programs

Thomas Powell, lecturer for UCSD, is the author of HTML& XHTML: The Complete Reference and Web Design: The Complete Reference. He is president and founder of PINT, a Web site design and development firm. Fritz Schneider is a software engineer at Google who where he works on both client- and server-side Web applications. He is an experienced teacher of Web technologies and co-author of How to Do Everything with Google.

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