Ethereal Packet Sniffing

Ethereal Packet Sniffing by Angela D. Orebaugh, Gilbert Ramirez,
Paperback: 512 pages, Publisher: Syngress; 1st edition (February 1, 2004), ISBN: 1932266828

This book package offers a guide to Ethereal, a popular "packet sniffer" security tool, for those who have never used a packet sniffer before and for experienced users. After an introduction to network analysis, chapters cover Ethereals network protocol analyzer, installation, other programs packaged with Ethereal, integrating Ethereal with other sniffers, real world packet captures, and developing Ethereal.

Only book available on extremely popular, yet completely undocumented Open Source security tool Ethereal. This book provides insider information on how to optimize performance of Ethereal on enterprise networks. Book comes with a CD containing Ethereal, Tethereal, Nessus, Snort, ACID, Barnyard, and more! This book shows how Ethereal compiles and runs (thanks to autoconf) on many flavors of UNIX (including Linux), and Windows. It shows how to capture packets from a number of different types of networking devices and also can read capture files taken earlier using either Ethereal or other programs such as tcpdump, snoop and various other network analyzer programs.

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