SmartTranslate 1.41

SmartTranslateПрограмма для перевода всех строк (извлекаемых из исходного кода и форм) в Delphi-проекте на другие языки.

SmartTranslate is not a component, it is a standalone tool which helps you translating a Delphi project to other languages. In the first step, it collects all strings in the Pascal code and Delphi forms and stores them in a database. After all strings are translated, which can be done inside SmartTranslate, it can replace the strings of the original language with the corresponding strings of another language. Strings that appear in more than one project have to be translated only once. When SmartTranslate knows all necessary strings, you can transfer a project to another language within one minute. In comparison to other localizing tools, SmartTranslate stores only the strings of one language in an executable (which produces much smaller executables) and does not need any changes on your project. There is also no need to collect strings in a Stringtable resource.

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14 Дек, Вторник 2004г.

Программирование для чайников.